Accelerate Madison Job Fair

I’ll be attending the Accelerate Madison Job Fair as an attendee, not an exhibitor. Feel free to hail me down if you see me. If you’re an IT person or someone looking to network, it looks like a promising event. Check it out for your self.

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AGENDA: 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FAIR and NETWORKING SOCIAL (open house format)
VENUE: Metro Innovation Center
LOCATED AT: 1245 East Washington Ave., Madison, WI

HDI and MATC Job Fair

So this week was a busy one. Madison Area Technical College held a small IT career fair. Those students in much of the networking/server side of curriculum showed up, and it was good to talk to contacts from other businesses and organizations. Again, it helps to network. Something I hope to do more of in the future. Speaking of which…

The local Madison, WI, chapter of the Help Desk Institute (HDI) held a meeting today. It was hosted by the local division of CDW and featured Ann, her last name escapes me and I don’t have my notes, *pauses to check local chapter’s website, no listing of event, nice*, a Project Manager with her Master’s Degree speaking about Conflict Resolution. Ann certainly knows how to inform and keep it light. Her sense of humor and approach kept it interesting and insightful. Sure, the topic can often be heard by an HR rep, but Ann’s presentation is fun and far from mundane. Ok, Ann, I’ll remove my critic hat now.

New Cisco Certs Aim At Networking Skills Shortage


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September 4, 2008
By Lynn Haber

Is more better?

When it comes to network technology certifications, industry experts say yes. With an increasing skills gap in IT in general, and networking in particular, individuals who distinguish themselves with specialized training will be at an advantage in the job market — where networking continues to be the hottest IT job category for the fourth straight quarter, according to Robert Half Technology.

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