First Go at Meditation

One of the things I want to do from 2012 on is to explore consistent meditation. I picked up this book a while ago to get some insight on where to start. I’d recommend it. It’s not preachy or religious, though it contains bits and pieces on how meditation plays a role in some spiritual beliefs.

Today was my first day trying to zone out and meditate. It’s not easy and as the book says, practice will help. It also mentioned meditating 15min in the morning and 15min in the evening, and that you’ll find yourself typically going over the 15 minutes. You’re not kidding. I literally thought I was going to stop and look at the time and think time was creeping along and only 5 minutes would have lapsed. I was wrong, it was 17. Wow. Continue reading First Go at Meditation

Chapter of an IT Staffing Guy Closes

The blog had been a bit uneventful. I hoped to talk about tech and IT staffing from the perspective of an active IT staffer. I have since resigned from that role and I feel that it is inappropriate to portray an expert in that field due to the circumstances. Yes, I have made certain accomplishments in that specific profession, but things will change with time and talking about a topic that really is not a part of me would be misleading.

The future is exciting and I hope to contribute my knowledge and experience in other ways.