Open Door Recruiter Event – Friday August 30


Friday, August 30th, 2013


8a-noon, @Barriques, 1901 Cayuga St, Middleton, WI 

1p-4p, @Panera Bread, 2960 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, WI


Click here for FAQ.

Last Open Door Recruiter!

I have been given the opportunity to join the client base that I’ve enjoyed supporting for the last 2+ years. That’s right, I’m turning in my staffing/corporate recruiting/HR card to join information technology. So if you’re interested in finally meeting to talk, put a face with a name, get insight into our company, get resume/interview tips to help you with your job search, stop out!

Open Door Recruiter FAQ

  1. What is Open Door Recruiter? It’s basically a small networking event. I work out of a local coffee shop in and around the Madison, Wisconsin, area, or it’s an online group web meeting, that allows people to show up and meet one another. Conversation can be around jobs, the company I work for, job hunting tips, or anything.
  2. When is Open Door Recruiter? I try to hold it every 2-3 weeks depending on schedule, I rotate days of the weeks to help accommodate your schedule. Can’t make Wednesdays, no problem, the next one will be on a Tuesday.
  3. Where is Open Door Recruiter? See #1 above. 🙂
  4. How will I know about an Open Door Recruiter event? I post on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Please tune in to one of those networks.
  5. Do I need to reserve a time or let you know I’m interested in meeting? Nope. Just show up and introduce yourself. No appointment necessary.
  6. What if I show up and you’re speaking to someone? Simply walk up and introduce yourself. We’ll all introduce each other and make small talk.
  7. Do I need to bring resume or dress to impress? No. It’s informal. No pressure. It’s not meant to be a job interview or screening.
  8. You recruit information technology professionals, but I’m not IT. Does this matter? No. I speak to anyone of any background, experience, or profession. It’s really just a more personable networking opportunity.
  9. I am not interested in meeting, but can I pass your name along to others? Heck yes!
  10. What’s in this for me? It’s really what you make of it. I can provide job hunting and resume writing tips, job market info, insight into the company I work, or get you in touch with someone else that may be able to help you.
  11. Bummer, I don’t live/work in the area. I understand and I wish I could be everywhere. I have done Google+ Hangouts. This is a free online tool that allows up to 9 people to video conference. You would have to have a Google+ account, web cam, and microphone to participate, but it is VERY easy to use.
  12. I still have questions. Hit me up on one of the social media networks I mention in #4 above and I’ll be sure to get back to you.
  13. Do you ever have to cancel? I have not had to do that…yet. Because I blast it out to networks, I would do the same for cancellations. Again, please tune into those networks listed in #4 above for updates.  I would also want to express a sincere apology to you for the inconvenience.

2012 Fusion CEO CIO Symposium Madison Wrap Up

CEO’s, CIO’s, VP’s, Directors, Managers of information technology converged upon the Fluno Center in Madison, Wisconsin, to talk to each other about technology trends, strategies, challenges and experiences. It’s the Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium. It kicked off on Wednesday and wrapped up Thursday, March 8th. I attended the full day session on Thursday and attempted to live tweet the event.

It has been a successful event in years past and while this was the first one that I attended, I’d have to say that I did not have a hard time understanding why it’s been successful and the feedback positive. It’s the contacts, the speakers and the information that is shared that brings the value. How many days in a year can other CIO’s talk about what’s going on in the industry and know what other peers are handling the common challenges?  Each speaker addressed a particular experience, trend or technology, and presented it with their own approach. While this may be elementary, CTO Sears Holdings-Phil Shelley’s demonstration of Hadoop‘s parallel processing of using ‘smart’ audience member (representing a RDBMS) and ‘dumb’ members (nodes on a Hadoop cluster) provided amusement while also providing a live analogy that many attendees will not forget. Mark McDonald, PhD, from Gartner Executive Programs and author was intense and passionate about Technology being greater than IT. If you can go to an event where Mark is speaking, go. You won’t be disappointed. Put Tom Koulopoulos, CEO, Delphi Group in the same room and you won’t have people nodding off at all. The energy of Tom and Mark could power an Enterprise for a year.
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CocoaConf Chicago March 16-17 2012

Chicago is host to CocoaConf 2012, to be held March 16-17. Hey, you could also partake in St Patty’s day festivities in the windy city.

Brad Larson, local to Madison, will be one of the guest speakers!

So if you’re interested in Cocao, iOS, development, head on over to the CocoaConf’s official website for more info.

From the site:

Join us in Chicago for the first CocoaConf of 2012. This March we will gather a hundred iOS and OS X developers for two days packed with cutting edge technical content. Our speakers include developers, trainers, and authors who have been there and done that. And they’re eager to pass on what they’ve learned to all of us.

Opportunities to learn from experts like this don’t come very often, so we want to help you make the most of it. From the classroom arrangement to providing all meals and snacks to keeping the attendee to speaker ratio as low as possible, this event is all about providing you with the best learning experience ever.