Quick List of Things to Consider for a Podcast

Just a quick list of things to consider should you want to explore the possibility of doing a quality podcast. I have done limited podcasting in the past and am far from an expert. However, I have some interest in juicing up the mics for a new recruiting podcast, but I don’t want to go in half-ass. Here are just some details, as part of a master outline. I’ll take the following and nail down even finer details. I thought this could also help other exploring the idea. Sure, you can get a web host, fire up a built in mic, hit record, upload and call it a day, but this post is for someone to consider other details. I hope you find it helpful and get you thinking.

  • Name of podcast
  • Hosting
  • Length of episode – set, flexible
  • Release frequency of episodes – weekly, biweekly
  • Day(s) of the week to release
  • Day(s) of the week to record
  • Format – segments, etc
  • Music – intro/outro
  • Creative commons
  • Disclosures for guests – royalties, rights, understand all audio can be used, etc
  • Tagline
  • Description
  • Types of guests
  • Technical – skype, software, computer
  • Logo
  • Uploading to iTunes – account
  • RSS Feed
  • Topics
  • Guests
  • Ads/bumpers – enter into cast & supply them to other casts
  • Propagation
  • Email address – feedback, etc
  • Voice mails


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