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I was raised by my mother and I had a younger sister. My mom did a good job at hiding the fact that we didn’t have all the money in the world, and I look back now and thought that my sister and I had it pretty damn good.

I was a bit of an audiophile when I was young. I wanted one of those massive stereo systems. You know, the ones that had multiple components, flashing lights and gauges with bouncing needles. What can I say? I liked the look of analog over digital, at the time. I started my amassing my collection of music growing my selection of cassette tapes. I eventually got a Symphonic fm/am/turntable/cassette all-in-one stereo system. At the time, I thought it made my music plenty loud. It wasn’t everything I wanted, but I thought it was great, so the desired bells and whistles didn’t matter much after the fact.

If you were a child of the 80’s then you know the role boom boxes played. Man, I had friends who had some monster boxes. The bigger the box, the more awe you got. Even if guys you didn’t like had one, you’d still say “I can’t stand that guy, but damn, does have a huge boom box.” My boom box. HA! It was a Sanyo half of a boom box. No EQ. It had treble, bass and volume knobs. It wasn’t even lit. The eject for cassettes wasn’t even slow or simulate a hydraulic opening. Mine was more like a bullet from a gun. Press firmly down on ‘eject’ and the damn drawer opened with a crack. Oh, did I mention why it was half a boom box? It was because it only had one speaker. That’s right one speaker. The two benefits it had, it played music just fine and it was light-weight. I would walk a couple miles with that thing and my arm never got tired.

I remember having a DJ setup in my small bedroom. I had headphones on, plugged into my stereo and then I’d have my half boom box sitting on top. During the Memorial Day weekend a local radio station would play the top 100 hits of the year. I would play them from my Symphonic stereo as loud as I could get away with and record it to my half boom box while adding my own DJ style commentary before the song started playing. I’d go through a few MX90 Maxell blank tapes, stacking them up as they got full.

So why do I mention all this? No, I’m not becoming a DJ. However, I am going to venture into what is being considered ‘new media’. The web has empowered people to do many different things. Creative types now have a very viable outlet to showcase their talent(s). I tried podcasting before using the Grumbling Dwarf, a website devoted to tabletop gaming in Wisconsin, but it ran out of gas after it’s 4th episode. I have given it another try with a buddy of mine from work. Same subject area, tabletop gaming and roleplaying games, but now with a co-host and more passion for the medium. I have also been devouring episodes of All this excitement and fun has lead me to share my message via the medium of podcasting.

I have reserved the and domains. The former will be a list of shows that I have done, and will probably not be overly active. It’s the network face of the shows. will have the tag line: “A show where we talk about hiring talent. Whether you’re a job seeker, hiring manager, or recruiting professional, we’ll provide insight and advice here on Talent Jockey!”

I’ve been a recruiter for almost 6 years of professional experience. I get contacted quite often about that part of my life. It could be someone wanting me to look over a resume, or how to use social media to find talent, i get called back into that part of my life. And it’s a great part of my life. It is about helping people. You help a hiring manager find a person with a (que Liam Neeson voice) unique set of skills, or someone find a job, or help recruiters to not be bad recruiters, which occurs quite often in their industry due to a few reasons.

So stay tuned to how this pans out. I’ll be tweeting things on twitter I’ll also be firing up the Facebook machine (i had previously deleted my account). I’m excited to see where this goes.

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