Veterans Day 2013

13E10 – Fire Direction Specialist

Charlie Btry guy…spent time in 3 different units. Each assignment was in good old Charlie battery. Hell, now that I think about it, I think it was always 2nd platoon too.

17th BDE, 1/36 FA – 8inch!
1st AD, 4/29 FA – In order, 155mm
17th BDE, 1/18 FA – 155 continued.

I got out of active duty for 18 months and then went back in. In that time the 17th BDE originally in Germany had deactivated. I then ended up stateside…finding myself with the same unit patch I had 4 years earlier.

There’s nothing like the call for fire, getting on the radio, and controlling the guns. FIRE MISSION!!

Gun bunnies, you know I love you guys. 😉 MARCH ORDER!!

To all past and present vets, have a safe and peaceful Veterans Day. And thank you for your service…even if you weren’t an arty dog like me. 😉

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