Recruiter Turned IT Guy

1014431.largeToday was my last day as a corporate recruiter. I’ve been given the opportunity to join our IT Security team. Yes, I’ll be staying with my current employer so my email and phone number won’t be changing.

The  past week was filled with treat days, lunches with my peers, and getting my recruiting stuff in order so the interim person has an easier time managing the staffing needs of Shared Services as he also tries to find my replacement. Guess who has quite an incentive to fill my position? <let me know if you have a recruiting background and are interested in the position. 🙂 >

As I’ve mentioned to many people throughout my last 2 plus years, I never thought I’d be in a position in Human Resources. It wasn’t that I was opposed to it, I simply thought I’d be an IT guy doing server administration, penetration testing, coding, networking, whatever. I’m just glad that I was a member of THIS HR team. I’ve been employed in many companies, and worked with many different people, I never had a bad experience with any person in our entire HR organization.

One chapter ends, another begins.

I think I’ve written that before. I will be reinventing myself, no question. There will certainly be the “IT Security? Why IT Security?” question. Hell, it has already been posed to me. There will be head scratching, “what does a corporate recruiter know about IT security?” I’m ok with all of that. It’s to be expected. I will be sitting at tables and having an entirely different kind of relationship with leaders that used to be my clients. People I made offers to will be my peers. These are all respectable, smart, people in the industry. You got that AN? I guess you could say I have some insight into what we look for in a new hire.

I’m a <fill in the blank> now what?

Many of you know who to contact. For those that don’t, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with an associate. I’m still an advocate for networking, the social kind. Trust me folks, you want to know people. If you’re interested in working for our company, let me know and I’ll get your info over to my associates in recruiting.

Final words

Trust noun a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something b: one in which confidence is placed

Trust is important. Many people trusted me over the years. They trusted me with salaries. They trusted me not to jeopardize the company by violating anything related to protected class. They trusted me with information that is hugely confidential. They trusted me to do my job the right way.

I want to thank everyone that has trusted me over the years.

All the best,


ps: What name can I give this blog now?

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