Recruiter – Twenty Four Seven

I served in the military some time ago. I was definitely fit, motivated, and disciplined. As part of the military, you’re always ‘on-call’. Though it was more 6am to 5pm job, you really are considered to work around the clock. We often figured out our hourly pay based on that 24×7 schedule. It’s not really like that, but you get the picture.

Fast forward a few years when that soldier has worked in the private sector for over a decade. You start to get a feel for the different careers, staff and management level duties and responsibilities. Many roles have their set hours. Sure, people work longer, put in over-time, have to meet deadlines and put in 50+ hour weeks, but the work schedule is typically set. Accountants go to work, adjust the books, make entries, etc. Project managers map out timelines, coordinate with teams, etc. At night they all go home – unplugging from the day. Some may work from home, but again, you disconnect and most people do.

What about the recruiter?

The recruiter’s job is to be connected. You don’t always have to be in recruiter mode? “So tell me, Mr Waiter, what do you like most about your current role?” But getting to know people, and connecting and establishing connections, is a major part of our role as recruiters.

Many mediocre recruiters fall into the 8am to 5pm mindset, similar to other staff positions. Hell, maybe they don’t get paid enough to be engaged all the time. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of business-hour recruiters that do very well and certainly go above and beyond, but compare that to the recruiter that really wants to understand people, looking for opportunities at any time in any environment, and the results can lead to making things happen. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I’m talking about being the Recruiter, 24×7.

Many highly qualified people are getting bombarded by my peers in the staffing industry. Some firms stretch the truth and outright lie to candidates in hopes of landing a placement and collecting that comission check. It ultimately sours the pool and ruins it for reputable firms and recruiters. ‘Being out there’ allows you to be active but not pushy. You’re attempting to be the passive bilboard. Nope, I don’t need that yet, but I see it on the way to work.

Being 24×7 also allows you to network. It’s not always the person you’re talking to but the person they know. With social media the degrees of separation are becoming less and less every day. The old adage, “it’s a small world” has never been more true.

So yeah, it’s about ‘being out there’. It’s about working not only for your open positions today, but your open positions tomorrow. You want to be the person that candidates trust and know. It’s all about timing. The more stars you have, the better chance of them aligning.

Yeah, I’m out there. That’s my goal. Are you ‘out there’? 🙂


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