10 Fastest Growing Jobs in US

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by Seth Fiegerman


Personal Care Aides 69.4% growth

2nd Fastest-Growing Job: Home Health Aides 69.4% 

3rd Fastest-Growing Job: Biomedical Engineers 61.7%

4th Fastest-Growing Job: Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons, Tile & Marble Setters 60.1%

5th Fastest-Growing Job: Carpenters 60.1%

6th Fastest-Growing Job: Veterinary Technologists & Technicians 52%

7th Fastest-Growing Job: Reinforcing Iron & Rebar Workers 48.6%

8th Fastest-Growing Job: Physical Therapist Assistants 45.7%

9th Fastest-Growing Job: Pipelayers, Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters 45.4%

10th Fastest-Growing Job: Meeting, Convention & Event Planners 43.7%

Some of this tells me that construction is picking up, which is always a good thing. With Meeting, Convention & Event planners it tells me that companies are looking to spend some marketing dollars in an effort to sell their products, which is also a good thing. I’d be interested to see the next list of ‘Fastest Growing Jobs in the US’ to see how it compares to this…and who would be right?

Update WordPress to 331

Man it has been some time since I updated the version of the site. You have to do that or expect to get spammed/hacked.

The tricky thing with my site is that I do everything via ssh and I lock down ftp except to one home directory.  Essentially I

  1. download the WordPress zip file to my local machine
  2. unzip
  3. upload to home directory via sftp
  4. export wordpress entries to xml, which gets me all my posts, comments, pages, and categories in case I hose everything
  5. then backup: themes, index.php, uploads, plugins
  6. cp -R the contents of the new ‘wordpress’ directory to the existing one
  7. jump to browser and go to /wp-admin/update.php
  8. message saying wordpress is updated, prompts me to update database
  9. update database
  10. done

I then delete my – themes, plugins, uploads, index.php directories and file since all looks good.

Now I’ll do the same method to update the plugins.

Yes, it’s a pain in the butt to do this all. Right. I could set it  all up so that I can run the auto feature of wordpress, but I don’t want to open it up – so I sacrifice.

Career Fair Follow Up – Do You Provide Internships

I attended career fairs at Madison College and Herzing University yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Herzing University fair lasted about 90 minutes and I met good people to include a couple folks from Robert Half Technology – what’s up Bob and Steve?

Many of the student  I spoke to were looking for an internship of some kind. Herzing students go year round with no break and often attend classes during the day. Madison College offers 2 year degrees, but you can come across students that can do day and/or night classes. This is important to know when addressing the “do you provide internships?” question.  It is also important to know that Madison College requires an internship, or job in the field of study, in order complete the requirements for their associates degrees. This latter detail will certainly make you understand why an internship is such a big deal. Continue reading Career Fair Follow Up – Do You Provide Internships

Job-IT Director-Corporate Support-Madison-WI

My current employer located in Madison, Wisconsin, has a job opening.

They are looking for a well qualified IT professional for their IT Director, Corporate Support position. This job is located in Madison, WI. The person that held the position previously has moved to another position within the company. Below are some of the base requirements. If you’d like to apply online or view the job description in its entirety visit:


Continue reading Job-IT Director-Corporate Support-Madison-WI

Fusion 2012 CEO-CIO Symposium Madison WI

Fusion 2012 CEO-CIO Symposium

With a solid list of sponsors – IBM, SalesForce, Gartner, this is an event being held in Madison, Wisconsin on March 7-8, 2012. Join CIO’s, COO’s, CEO’s in an interactive environment featuring the following talks:


• Amplifying the Enterprise: When Technology Trumps IT
Speaker: Mark McDonald, Group VP, Head of Research, Gartner Exec. Programs

• Demystifying Big Data – Finding Business Insights Without Breaking the Bank
Phil Shelley, Chief Technology Officer, Sears Holdings Corporations

• The Making of A “Social CIO”: Are you Ready?
Bruce Richardson, SVP and Chief Enterprise Strategist, Salesforce.com

• Cloud Surfing: A New Way to Think About Risk, Innovation, Scale and Success
Tom Koulopoulos, Founder and CEO, Delphi Group

Register online