Newb Tales with Rails – Using a Book

Ok, beside the Pick Axe book or The Rails Way, I’m using Apresses Practical Rails:Social Networking Sites to start my project. It’s a bit dated, but should do the trick. It gives me, like they say, a practical application way to learn Rails. The Agile Web Development with Rails published by the folks at Pragmatic Programmers: is also a good book, but I’m not overly concerned with doing an ecommerce site right now, though I’ll probably tackle that was well just to do some more coding.

Having said all this, the project I’m tackling in the aforementioned book is going to be tweaked a bit to do something I’d like to actually launch into production.  The gist of the project will be to learn rails AND do an application that will help the tabletop gaming community.  I’ll elaborate more on the tabletop gaming project as I proceed.

Wish me luck!

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